Pretty Gaming – Three New Casino Games by Pretty Gaming

Besides playing classic casino games, players can also enjoy new games by Pretty Gaming. Dragon Tiger, Cow-Cow Baccarat, and Cash & Cash are just some of the games that can be played at this casino online. You can also try out different side bets. To place the side bet, you must have x9 of the original bet. Then, if you win the base game, you will receive a credit equal to the amount you staked.

Dragon Tiger

Originally launched in Cambodia, the Dragon Tiger casino online game has now spread its wings across Asia and many parts of the world. It is said that the game was developed for educational purposes and stimulates the mind through card counting. Now, it is available in online casinos and gaming platforms worldwide and is quickly becoming one of the most popular online casino games. Read on to discover what makes Dragon Tiger so popular! Here are some tips to make playing Dragon Tiger as fun and rewarding as possible!

The basic betting rules of Dragon Tiger are easy to follow. You can bet on Dragon or Tiger and have one to eight betting odds, depending on the suit that will be drawn. However, it is not a good idea to bet on a tie in this game as it gives the house an advantage. There are 86,320 possible hand combinations in this game. And of those 86,320, six-four-eight are ties. So, a bet on a tie has a very low probability of winning, if at all.

As with any other casino online game, there are a number of important things to keep in mind before playing Dragon Tiger. Make sure to follow the rules of your chosen casino before placing any bets. If you’re playing for real money, you’ll need to manage your bankroll properly. It is always wise to follow the rules of a particular casino and keep an eye on the resource ratings. You may also find that Dragon Tiger has several different game variations.

Cow-Cow Baccarat

Whether you are playing at home or on the go, you can always enjoy the Cow-Cow Baccarat casino online game. It features single-deck cards with high payouts, and is playable on any device. This game allows you to record statistics and make eye contact with your opponents. It also offers a high payout rate, and is a good choice for players who like to play with friends.

The base game of Cow-Cow Baccarat is played with eight decks. In order to play, you must have credit that is equal to or greater than x9 times the amount bet. If you lose your bet, you’ll lose the entire amount. In order to place a Cow-Cow bet, you need to choose a site that offers an additional x9 payout. Your payout is based on the outcome of the base game, and cumulative points.

The winning team’s total points determines whether the Player Cow is ahead or behind. When you bet on the Cow-Cow, you’ll win if the winning team has more points than the losing team. If your team wins by nine points, you’ll win a 5% commission. Otherwise, you’ll lose an amount equal to the original wager. If you lose your bet, you’ll lose the same amount.

Cow & Cash

If you’re a fan of video slots and like the idea of making a profit from them, you may enjoy playing the video slot Cow & Cash by Pretty Gaming. You can earn two, four, or ten thousand times the amount you bet by spinning three or more similar symbols on an active payline. Besides the classic slot features, this game also includes an extra feature that lets you earn wild cows.

This unique slot game is set in a farm. The main reels are hidden behind a massive barn, taking up prime screen real estate. It features the daughter and farmer, as well as the classic card symbols. This game features 50 paylines, along with special bonus symbols. A cow and a bull can double your winnings! If you’re not quite as lucky, you can also win a cow and cash prize if you land on all five of the bonus symbols.

The bonus features are plentiful. You can win instant cash prizes by landing on three or more Kooky Chicken symbols, and you can also play for a percentage of the jackpot if you get two, three, or four of them. In addition to the instant cash payouts, this game allows you to stake up to three coins per payline. This allows you to place a high coin value bet without putting too much money on each line.

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