The Indian Visa – 5 YEAR Indian Visa

The Indian visa is available for five years. During this time, applicants have to undergo several stages, including interviews and visa application. Applicants are also required to fill up a screening questionnaire to determine their suitability for the visa. Once this process is complete, the visa will be issued to them. However, you must be aware of the fees and documents needed for this visa. If you are unsure of whether you should apply for the visa, read on!


The 5 YEAR Indian visa is a long-term visa that enables people of Indian origin to stay in the country for a period of five years. This visa is perfect for individuals who want to reconnect with their roots. In order to be eligible to obtain a long-term visa, an individual must have been born in India, have parents or grandparents who were born in India, and be married to an Indian citizen. Fees for the 5 YEAR Indian visa vary depending on the passport-holding country.

The revised fee is for applications submitted before April 1, 2017. If your application has already been approved, you will still be charged the old fee. If your application is still pending, the new fee will apply. If you’re interested in learning more about the new fees, you can follow Travel Beats, a community portal by Indian Eagle, on Facebook and Twitter. We publish visa, air travel, immigration, and visa news.


In order to be eligible to apply for a five-year Indian visa, you must have a valid passport with a color photo and at least two blank pages. You can provide a copy of your driver’s license or another proof of residency in the United States. You must include a recent passport-size photo of yourself, showing your face and not just your head. You can also mail the required documents to the Indian consulate, but if you are applying in person, you may need to attend an in-person interview.

The photographs you submit must be a specific type. Regular passport-size photographs are not acceptable. It is recommended that you submit a recent photograph, or use a digital photo. You will need at least two passport-size photographs for processing, although you should also prepare extra copies. The photographs must be in color and take up less than half an inch on the longest side. They must also be taken from the front, and must show your full face, with no smudges or blemishes.

Processing time

The long-term 5 YEAR Indian visa is a perfect option for individuals of Indian origin who wish to reconnect with their ancestral roots. People who hold an Indian passport but have surrendered it for a passport of another country may be eligible for a 5 year visa. Individuals whose parents or grandparents were born in India may also be eligible. They must not be citizens of Pakistan or be married to an Indian citizen. Processing time for the visa depends on the passport country.

The processing time of a 5 year Indian visa varies from one consulate to another, and there is no guarantee. It is important to note that expedited processing times may extend beyond the normal 2-3 working days. You should therefore avoid buying non-refundable airline tickets until you have received your passport and visa. If you are applying at the consulate in Houston, expect to wait at least three weeks for your visa to be approved.

Application form

When applying for an Indian visa, you need to fill out the Application form. The form is 2 inches by 5 cm, and requires two passport photos that are at least five centimeters square. There are also some additional requirements that you need to fill out. When applying for a five-year visa, you will need to provide biometric data. This type of visa allows multiple entries. The following instructions will help you complete the form and send it off.

The first thing you need to fill out is the Application form for 5 year Indian visa. Once you’ve filled out the form, make sure to attach a recent photo of yourself in front of a white background. The next step is to pay the fee for an India travel visa. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to mail the documentation to the Indian consulate. You may also need to meet the consulate in person to fill out the form.

How to Apply for an Emergency Indian Visa

Applying for an Emergency Visa to India is a simple process, but be aware that it has a strict deadline. Listed below are the steps you need to take to be eligible for an emergency visa. You must be a US citizen of Indian origin, have a valid US passport, and be in URGENT EMERGENCY INDIAN VISA. This type of visa is available only to US passport holders of Indian origin.

Application for an emergency Indian visa

To apply for an emergency Indian visa, you need to submit the required documents. The documents should include a copy of your passport and a recent colored photograph with a white background. You can upload the photo onto a high-quality smartphone. This type of visa is also known as a visa on arrival in India. Once you land in India, look for the immigration officer’s desk on the airport’s signboards.

Once you have provided all of these documents, you can begin the process. The application process takes between a few hours to 10 days. You can also opt to keep your application in the queue, which means you can receive approval on the same day. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your application may take longer if you have submitted multiple applications. Be sure to plan accordingly. Taking extra time will only delay your application.

Deadline for applying for an emergency Indian visa

To qualify for an emergency Indian visa, US passport holders of Indian origin need to submit a letter of proof proving their need for travel. Emergency visas can be obtained from an Indian Consulate or Embassy. In order to qualify, the country of origin must be on the list of 165 countries eligible to receive emergency visas from India. Additionally, the passport must be valid and have at least two blank pages for the Indian immigration officer to look at.

Emergency Indian visas are approved in one to three business days. If the application is submitted properly and all required reports are provided, the process can be completed in just one day. The application fee may be higher for emergency Indian visas. Urgent Indian visa services are available for Tourist, Business, Medical, Conference, and Medical visas. These services are available 24/7 and will process your application quickly and easily. While this option is not available for all travel purposes, the process is faster than standard visa applications.

Process of applying for an emergency Indian visa

If you are planning to visit India, you may have come across the possibility of an emergency Indian visa. Such visas are issued to citizens of India. You will have to provide certain documents to prove your Indian origin before you can be granted the visa. Three such documents are valid proof of Indian origin. A few documents you need to submit with your application are mentioned below:

The first document required is your passport. It must be in PDF format and should not exceed three MB. The document must be legible and include the first page of the passport. The second document required is a recent digital image of your face. The photo must be clear from your forehead to your chin. You must be presentable at the time of applying for an emergency Indian visa. The next step in the application process is the interview.

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